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Welcome to Beulah Land Goats!
We're John and Debbie Burns of Beulah Land Homestead, located just outside of Bells, TX (about 65 miles northeast of Dallas, TX). Below are Jonathan and Gemstone and Jabez, three of the reasons we keep Nigerian Dwarf Milk goats - who can resist such fun loving, sweet babies? Not us!

"Hey, Jonathan, where's Jabez going?"

"Don't know, but there he goes!!"

But the real reason we keep goats is for the milk. As many others do, John has trouble digesting cow's milk. Nothing tastes better than the Nigerian's milk to us - very rich and creamy. It makes wonderful cheese, butter and is excellent for cooking as well as just drinking. I use the extra for making goats milk soaps.

I have milked all of the dams in my herd for extended periods. I believe (from experience) the dams pass down the desirable milk qualities of a true milk goat - production, quality (taste) of milk, as well as compliant on the milk stand and good milk goat behavior. I train my milk goats to walk on a lead into the milking pallor, climb up on the milking stand and put their heads into the stanchion. They eat while on the stand but will stand quietly even if not eating. I want the milking experience to be as easy on the goat as the milker. Milking should not be a battle, but a giving time - the doe gives her milk to us and we give her care and provision back to her.

Welcome to Beulah Land and we hope you'll come back often to visit!
John and Debbie Burns

Debbie Burns
917 Marlow Rd
Bells, Texas 75414
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